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(2008 December 8th) How to open two Firefox browsers at once.
(2008 October 31st) Added notes on how to export bookmarks from the Google Chrome and SRWare Iron browsers
(2008 October 20th)
Added Some Eclipse Notes
(2008 October 17th) Added a demo area for Sharp Wiki

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Code Atlas

Code Atlas Java Code Metric Reports
A tool for a nice visual representation of Java software projects.
Sharp Wiki icon
A Set of tools for making a very efficient and heterogenous (any type of content) wiki.

Currently running this site!

Sharp Java Library By David Vignoni Source: LGPL
A Java 1.1 compatible library of Java classes I've found useful across many projects
Sharp Java Charts icon
A Java API for creating pretty charts. Used in Code Atlas to make the trend and comparison charts.
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